Reliance Entertainment


About I was brought in by Filmograph to help concept and eventually execute this ID for Reliance Entertainment/DreamWorks Studios. We ended up modeling and animating the project in Cinema 4D, then rendering with Vray. Always cool to have something on the big screen. Credits

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Rocket Fuel


About This was our 2nd project working with Cultivator Labs, coming right after the success of our Shine On campaign. Any time we get to put robots and dinosaurs into the same spot, it’s a success in my book. Credits Extras

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Captain America 2 – Main Titles


About I was brought on to execute a handful of scenes for the title sequence above. All of the shots that I worked on were made in Cinema 4D and composited in Nuke. Check out the thorough write up in Art of the Title for some more behind the scenes and an interview with Erin […]

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Import Genius


Credits Process

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Desert Schools


About To celebrate Desert School’s 75th anniversary, the largest credit union in Arizona launched a forthcoming year-long campaign centered around giving back to the local community. Deemed the Shine On campaign, the centerpiece of the plan will feature a small number of local non-profits competing for a $30,000 grand prize. In conjunction with Blind Society, […]

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About This is a style that I had been wanting to do for awhile. It’s very flat + illustrative upon first glance, but built in 3d to give in an extra dynamic that would be really hard to achieve with 2d methods. In the end, I probably got a bit carried away with some of […]

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About Another super fun project to work on. I was given a ton of freedom to put my own personal stamp on it, while working closely with David Hitchcock, the Creative Director at Kohort, to make sure that I captured the look and feel of their site. You can find a lot of cool info/buzz […]

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About This is an End Tag I did for Fibermax Cotton. It was made using Cinema 4D, with a mixture of Vray and AR for different elements of the plant. You can find the full spot HERE. Credits Process

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G4 Network


About This is one of 3 bumpers that we ended up doing for Attack Of The Show at Protokulture. We had quite a bit of freedom and were able to basically do whatever we wanted, so I strapped on a gold leotard and here you have it. Be sure to check out the other spots […]

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